Lift Sticks

Lift Sticks

Manhole Cover Removal Tools

There are a vast array of tools to assist engineers and maintenance contractors to remove the enormously diverse range of types and styles of manhole covers installed worldwide. They range from simple lift keys to vehicles with magnetic lift mechanisms.

Forecourt Solutions provide a simple lifting and locking tool called Securikey with each of our watertight manhole covers. However to assist with the removal of covers jammed into frames with debris and to remove other cover manufactured of heavy material Forecourt Solutions recommends the use of our SwiftLift tool.

The advantages of the SwiftLift are:

  • It fits most covers, Steel, Cast Iron and Composite
  • It is compact and takes little space in your vehicle
  • Its pivot lever action reduces the operator effort to remove even jammed covers from the ground
  • It is inexpensive and available worldwide through our distribution network
  • It is manufactured out of high quality materials which will meet the most demanding environments
  • It helps prevent operator injury
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