Ducts - Twin wall corrugated

Ducts - Twin wall corrugated




Our range of Cable Entry Bulkheads are designed to alleviate the problems of vermin, water and vapour ingress into electrical draw pits, tank & dispenser sumps and other containment chambers that have electrical cable entries. It also prevents cross contamination between linked sumps.

The bulkhead is used in conjunction with a ChamberTite entry boot to provide a seal at the end of single or twin wall duct at the entry to the chamber. The bulkhead can be used either in new installations or as a retrofit upon existing installations. Various sizes of ducts can be accommodated one of the most common sizes being 110 mm twin wall. The number of glands capable of being fitted into the bulkhead is determined by the available space. 

Design Concept

The Bulkhead System is supplied with sufficient cable glands and blanking plugs to fit all the pre drilled and tapped entries through the bulkhead this ensures the full watertight integrity is maintained. Bulkheads can also be fitted with vacuum or pressure test valves to enable the testing of cable duction assemblies in line with the Energy Institute recommendations. We can manufacture custom specific plates and gland combinations to suit specific sizes and types of cables such as fibre-optic or customer specific cables.



The ChamberTite duct seal range currently accomodates the following sizes of ducts.


Duct External             Internal           Length         Colours                                                                                    Entry Boot Size                 Bellmouth

40 mm                                  32             50m               Black                                                                                      CTB-3150                            CBM-0040SB

50 mm                                  40             50m               Black, Blue, Orange, Green, Yellow, Purple                          CTB-3150                            CBM-0050SB

63 mm                                  50             50m               Black                                                                                      CTB-0200                            CBM-0063SB

90 mm                                  75             50m               Black                                                                                      CTB-0300                            CBM-0090SB

110 mm                                 94             6m                 Black, Orange, Green, Yellow, Purple                                   CTB-0400/7450                   CBM-0110SB

110 mm                                 94             50m               Black, Blue, Orange, Green, Yellow, Purple                          CTB-0400/7450                  CBM-0110SB

148 mm                               125              6m                Black                                                                                     CTB-0600                           CBM-0148SB

160 mm                               137            25m/50m        Black                                                                                     CTB-0600                           CBM-0160SB

178 mm                               150              6m                Black, Orange, Green, Yellow, Purple                                   CTB-0700                           CBM-0178SB

266 mm                               225              6m                Black, Orange, Green , Yellow, Purple                                                                              CBM-0266SB

354 mm                               300              6m                Black, Orange, Green, Yellow, Purple                                                                                CBM-0354SB

419 mm                               369              6m                Yellow                                                                                                                                 CBM-0419SB

516 mm                               450              6m                Yellow                                                                                                                                 CBM-0516SB

676 mm                               589              6m                                                                                                                                                           CBM-0676SB


Colour Chart


Orange - Street Lighting/ Traffic Signals

Blue - Water Pipes

Purple - Motorway Comms

Black - Power

Yellow - Gas

Green - Fibre optic


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