Manhole Security

Manhole Security

Safety & Security

Safety & security of an installation can create many different demands for the restriction of access to manholes. In many applications you would wish to restrict access to the chamber beneath the manhole cover only to authorised persons, In other cases you may wish to prevent the theft of the manhole cover or prevent the risk of someone falling into the open chamber once removed. In particularly sensitive installation it maybe a requirement to prevent terrorists or other malicious persons gaining access to further their causes by concealing explosives or possibly attacking the infrastructure below. Forecourt Solutions can offer a range of security solutions to meet all applications.

We have classified them into 4 groups

Low Risk - Low level security designed to deter an opportunistic thieves or pranksters.

Medium Risk - Medium level security designed to deter a premediated thief and persons with criminal intent.

High Risk - Higher Level security for higher risk installations designed to keep out determined organised individual with criminal intent.

Severe Risk - Remotely monitored high security solutions to enable intervention in the event of a attempt to access the infrastructure.

  1. Low Risk - Prevention of cover theft, prevention of opportunistic access to manhole chamber

For this level of hazard we recommend the use of our 1/4 bayonet turn buckle locking covers which utilise a unique locking key to open the cover. We can also provide either a client or application specific locking key should this be desired. Typical uses: All applications (Security systems suitable for new cover installations only)

  1. Medium Risk - Prevention of cover theft, and delay even determined attempts to access to manhole chamber

For this level of hazard we recommend the use of our 1/4 bayonet turn buckle with high security patented scroll head covers which utilise a patented coded key to open the cover. We can also provide either a client or application specific locking key should this be desired. The 1/4 turn bayonet can be replaced by a scroll headed stainless steel machine screw if speed of access or regularity of access is low. Typical uses: Deep equipment chambers, railway installations, gas and electricity installations etc.

  1. High Risk - In addition to addressing the medium level risk the high level risk security is designed to prevent sustained attempts to remove the cover.

In this application a physical clamp "Stabiloc" is used to prevent lever assisted removal of the cover and allow for such attempts at cover removal to be detected and recorded. This product is ideal for applications where it is likely that unauthorised access to the manhole chamber will be attempted. Typical uses: Utility manholes, Chambers with high risk infrastructure below, Petrol Stations, Chemical Plants, Government Offices, Prisons, Hospitals and Airports. (Security systems suitable for both new and retrofit to existing installed covers)

  1. Severe Risk - Meeting the requirements of high risk systems but with the ability to monitor remotely the covers for attempted unauthorised entry.

In this application a "Stabiloc" clamp is again utilised to prevent unauthorised access but the locking mechanism is monitored remotely using radio frequency technology to identify attempts to breach the Stabiloc clamp. Suitable for high risk applications where entry must be prevented to avoid security breaches to infrastructure. Typical uses: Embassies, Nuclear and Conventional Power Stations, Royal Palaces, Banks, Research Laboratories and Military Establishments. (Security systems suitable for both new and retrofit to existing installed covers)

For further information regarding the application of Stabiloc please use this link to download a brief overview

Sadly the problem above is only too real as some recent newspaper and website articles highlight



Forecourt Solutions provide a range of security options to prevent unauthorised access to their range of manhole covers. Options start from 1/4 turn bayonent locks, bolt down options, bolt down with security screws, recessed coded locks and Stabiloc. Options are available as original OEM fitted solutions or options for retrofit to installed covers.

1/4 Turn Bayonet Locks

Bayonet locks act as a deterant to unauthorised access. Whilst they do not prevent access to the more determined thief they deter opportunist thieves. Can be quickly opened for legitimate access with a suitable unlocking tool.


Bolt Down Options

Probably the most common method of attempting to stop unauthorised access. Bolts or machine screws retain the cover into the frame. For higher security, special security headed bolts or screws can be used. Specialist screws can achieve a high level of protection but removal time and refitting after access can make such security unacceptable in frequently removed covers. Careful selection of head design avoids dirt ingress that can make removal difficult. Optional dust caps can keep heads clean but also hide the style of opening tool from theives.


Above are depicted standard Hex, Torx Plus, Scroll and Tri heads. Scroll and Tri headed screws tend to remain free of dirt better than the recessed Hex and Torx Plus versions.

Above a Tri headed security screw is fitted with room above for a dirt cap to be fitted.

Security Locks

Stabiloc is a high level security device to prevent unauthorised access to manhole and access covers. It can be either fitted as original equipment or retrofited to existing covers. Once fitted the Stabiloc security device effectively holds the cover into the frame, making removal impossible without first removing the Stabiloc. Stabiloc was developed in USA.





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