Dispenser Sump for Tokheim Quantium 210 - CDS460-460-860TQ210

Dispenser Sump for Tokheim Quantium 210  - CDS460-460-860TQ210

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ChamberTite Dispenser Sump 700 x 460 x 860mm consists of a strong rotationally moulded polyethylene chamber and specially adapted dispenser mounting frame for a Tokheim Quantium 210 Twin Dispenser. The dispenser mounting frame is designed to provide mounting fully compatible with the Tokheim Quantium 210. Suitable for all three dispensing speed 40,80and 130Lpm. Removable mounting plate makes pipework installation access easy for the installer and the sump dimension make it compatible with flexible petroleum pipework such a Flexrite and OPW and semi rigid systems from Nupi, UPP, KPS, Durapipe and many others

Alternative mounting frame suitable for other dispenser types are available.

Can be supplied with adjustable stabiliser bars to support fuel risers and optional shear valves.

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