Underpump Drip Tray CDS900-500-002

Underpump Drip Tray CDS900-500-002
Underpump Drip Tray CDS900-500-002
Brand: ChamberTite

Price: TBA


ChamberTite Drip Tray is a 900 x 500mm membrane to prevent leakage within pumps & water ingress to under pump dispenser sumps. It is particularly suited to use with our Chambertite CDS900-500-860 dispenser sump and was developed for use with Tokheim pumps. The unit consists of a strong fibreglass membrane with central well and can be cut to size to fit a variety of dispensers. The drip tray can be drilled to facilitate pipe and electrical connections through the membrain and entries canbe sealed to prevent fuel and water ingress using entry seals from the Chambertite range.


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