1 1/2" Interstice Test Boot 1 1/2" Double Wall Pipework STB-0150

1 1/2" Interstice Test Boot 1 1/2" Double Wall Pipework STB-0150

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Forecourt Solutions secondary test boots are designed for testing the integrity of secondary containment jacket of flexible piping when using swaged pipe fittings (SPC). Each boot has a test port to enable a test or connector tube to be fitted this enables an air pressure or liquid filled interstice to be achieved. By checking the air /liquid pressure the secondary containment systems integrity can be permanently or periodically monitored. After testing is completed, standard test boots can be left in place. They are manufactured by fuel compatible nitrile rubber to ensure longevity of service life. Worm drive clamps are manufactured from stainless steel and edges are rolled to avoid sharp edge contacts.

Design Highlights & Advantages

  • Secondary test boots slip over the swage fitting after penetrating through the flexible entry boot.
  • Boots are manufactured using fuel resistant nitrile rubber, moulded interstice connections and stainless steel clamps for maximum corrosion resistance.
  • Boots are easily clamped down over the collar and secondary with a screwdriver or 5/16” nut driver, forming an airtight chamber between the primary pipe and the secondary jacket.
  • The secondary chamber is pressurised to 5-8 psi through air chuck to test system integrity.
  • After pressure testing, the boots remain on the pipe for future use but can be pulled back to permit back-flow of fuel leaks to the tank sump.

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