Shear Valve Double Poppet SVD-2015-FBE

Shear Valve Double Poppet  SVD-2015-FBE

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A high quality under pump safety Double Poppet Shear Valve 2" NPT to 1 1/2" BSPT. This valve has factory machine safety breakaway or shear line which activates twin poppet valves to close the fuel supply line above and below the dispenser in the event that there is a collision with the petrol pump. To further enhance its functionality the valve is fitted with a Thermal Trip to isolate the fuel line in the event of a fire within the sump or within the pump itself. Under pump valves with altenative thread connections are also available on request.

Suitable for fitting beneath all dispensers which are supplied via a independant or shared pressurised fuel line. Pressurised fuel lines are usually fed by a Red Jacket or Franklin Fueling Systems submersible pump located in the fuel storage tank.

Mounting rails for shear valves and fuel risers are available see part CSB-460 (460mm wide under pump sumps) and CSB-0500 (500mm wide under pump sumps) 

Other shear valves are available for use in Stage 1b or Stage 2 vapour recovery fuel lines.

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