Offset Fill Chamber OFB-1800-800-800

Offset Fill Chamber OFB-1800-800-800
Brand: Forecourt Solutions Ltd

Price: TBA


Offset Fill Chamber provide an efficient way of providing access to multiple tank filling point in one place. As well as providing containment for those almost inevitable spills when filling hoses are disconnected the chamber provides security and ease of access to authorised users. The Forecourt chamber consists of a rotationally moulded containment chamber fitted with a secure welded aluminium constructed above ground enclosure. The riser points themselves are configurable to suit your site requirements. You can specify the number of fill points the position of your vapour recovery and pipework feed direction into the chamber.

Standard sizes are;

OFB1500-800-800 - Offset Fill Box for 4 Filling Points + 1 Vapour Recovery

OFB1800-800-800 - Offset Fill Box for 5 Filling Points + 1 Vapour Recovery

OFB2100-800-800 - Offset Fill Box for 6 Filling Points + 1 Vapour Recovery
OFB2400-800-800 - Offset Fill Box for 7 Filling Points + 1 Vapour Recovery
Fill and VR pipework connections can be either forward or reverse fed. Chambers can be supplied with or without riser assemblies.

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