Direct Fill Spill Containment with combined Safety Platform

Direct Fill Spill Containment with combined Safety Platform

Price: TBA


The Direct or Remote Fill Spill Containment Chamber enables you to upgrade an existing brick chambered fill point to incorporate both spill containment and delivery driver safety platform. Spill containment is provided by a 35 litre containment sump which can also include a drain valve if required. Upgrade your containemnt and improve your driver safety in one easily installed solution. Suitable one or two fill points into the chamber. Fill position is accomodated by site adjustable riser position.

Should you require an installer to assist you with the installation speak to our tech support team who will be happy to advise of an instller who will be able to assist you with the installation.

The height of the chamber and safety platform can be adjusted to suit your existing chambers. Other sized chambers are available within the range.

Standard leg dimension is 650 mm alternative heights can be provide on demand.



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